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Visit the harbour of Nieuwpoort

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Duration 1 hour

Free parking

Tram stop : Cardijnlaan

Timetable from September to June: join a planned boat trip

School holidays at fixed hours, see calendar

embarkation 15 minutes before departure

Visit the harbour of Nieuwpoort

The harbour of Nieuwpoort is the only natural port on the Belgian coast.

It is a tidal port, situated at the mouth of the Yser. As smallest port of the Belgian coast, Nieuwpoort is renowned for the high quality and freshness of its fish and shrimp.

Due to the rising popularity of water sports the marina was expanded and has become the largest marina of the North European coast.

This one-hour cruise will bring you to the natural reserve « Ysermonding », the Euro-Marina, the Albert I monument, the locks and the fish harbour.

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Boarding place

Robert Orlentpromenade 2
8620 Nieuwpoort
GPS: Kromme Hoek


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